About Us

SKPack Company Limited is a multi-packaging manufactory, established in 1967 in Hong Kong. We provide packaging design solutions to international brands in a wide range of consumer products. We produce a variety of packaging in our factories distributed to major destinations worldwide. Our packaging products are used in cosmetic, confectionery, food, and apparel industries, as well as soaps and hygiene products.



We have a high efficient and professional team servicing 400 customers from more than 60 countries.


We use fully automated machinery to produce boxes with standards to control cost.


R&D department provides innovative ideas with optimal material choice on a wide range of packaging products.


Our in-depth history of business in this arena along with long standing customer base provided us with an edge to compete well in the marketplace.

Manufacturing + Sourcing + Logistics

Experienced Packaging manufacturer & product developer who strives to bring your product samples & concepts to the market in one go.

Our packaging production business at SKpack for consumer products began in 1967.

Today we have grown to be agile and innovative working alongside with a number of seasoned and reliable material and production suppliers.

Our local sourcing team is versatile with deep dive experience in several industries.

Inquire about our low pricing model to help you achieve your product objectives.

We can manage production of your newfound / newly developed product(s) while you focus on running and growing your business from anywhere in the world. Technologies and digital transformation are always in our forefront when we operate.

We only work with associates and partners who are socially and environmentally competent. We believe humanity and sustainability are two factors toward healthy growth and profitability.

Packaging Design

From prototype to production samples.

With a long history in consumer product packaging design as well as manufacturing, we are passionate to lead and to empower your products and showcase to customers in their fullest potential.

Tin Box

Paper Tube

Wooden Box

Paper Rigid Gift Box


Our customer base is made up of long-term clients, 17 to 20 years ranging from publicly traded companies like H&M, Dior and L’Oréal, to independent brands across the consumer spectrum for examples; TheCamouflageCompany (London), GOA (Paris), and BouveryCV (New York).  We have produced packaging for industry sectors including cosmetic, healthcare, consumer electronics, apparel, and spirit beverages. We also manufacture sewing products mainly focusing on cosmetic bags and simple function bags.